An introductory lesson plan for:
Community Helpers


-Have children become familiar with the term community helpers.

-Children will make a connection to how they can be community helpers.


-Lyle at the Office by Bernard Waber

-paper & writing utensils



-Gather the children in the story area.

-Ask the children what they think a community helper is.

-Separate the words. Discuss communities and helpers. Combine the words and define a community helper.

-Explain to the children that as the book is read, they should look at the pictures and listen carefully to the story for community helpers.



-The teacher points out (about) the first three helpers in the book.

-Suggest one helper incorrectly and check to see if the students understand why he or she is not a community helper.



-The teacher asks the students to raise their hands and point out the remainder of the community helpers as the book is read.



-After the book has been completed, discuss how Lyle was a helper. What did he do to help others out?

-What can you do to be a community helper? (Guide the children in their answers of this question. For example, pick up trash, watch my sister.)



-Give each child a piece of blank paper. Have each child write a sentence or two on how he or she can be a community helper. The children can also draw a picture of what they wrote about. Their responses can be shared in class. Adapted from an idea by A. Hyde.

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