Changes in the Community

(Developed by Natalie Thomas and Katti Tingey)

GRADE: 2nd


1) Students will be able to identify changes that have occurred over the past from the changes they see during the Corel presentation.

2) Students will be able to illustrate a change they have seen in their own lives, and talk about the benefits and disadvantages of these changes.

MATERIALS: Corel Presentation (pictures consisting of Logan), instrumental music, book Since 1920, pencils, crayons, paper


Anticipatory Set - Ask the students if their parents or grandparents have ever told them stories about when they were younger. Have some of the students share these stories.

Context - We have been learning about Logan community. We began with a "now and here" focus. We are now focusing on the early history of how Logan was established, and the changes it has gone through.

Guide Learning -

1) Read the book Since 1920. Talk about the changes that take place over a period of time. Have the class point out various pages and the specific changes that occurred in the neighborhood.

2) Show the Corel Presentation pictures -- play music in background during the slide show. Discuss what is shown in each picture and how these have changed.

3) Make parallels with the story you read previously. (i.e. The fire in the book and at the opera house.)

4) While you are going through the pictures, talk about the first settlers in Cache Valley, Shoshoni Indians and Mormon pioneers.

5) Many of the local places were named after mountain men. This is where "cache" came from. Talk about the rendezvous that take place.

6) Ask the children which buildings they have seen and what those buildings look like now.

7) Talk about the benefits and disadvantages of change -- technology, transportation, entertainment, etc.

Appropriate Practice -

Have the students choose one of the changes they have seen in their own lives (new McDonald's, more stores, changes at the park, houses built, etc.) Have them draw what the area looked like before and what it now looks like. Have them write about why they think these changes might be good or bad.

Feedback - This will be obtained through the observations made by the students. As they share stories, we will be able to determine the background knowledge they have of Logan.


The students will point out changes that they see in the story, the presentation, and their own lives. They will compare specific changes and discuss why change would be beneficial or detrimental to the community. Pictures will illustrate changes the students have observed.