Biomes Unit Outline

Day 1

  • As a class make a timeline from prehistoric time to present day.
  • In-groups of 3 or 4 have students read when dinosaurs lived.
  • Each student will make a dinosaur wheel in-groups of 3 or 4. 

Day 2

  • Discuss different kinds of dinosaurs (plant eaters/ meat eaters)
  • As a class have students chart draw a life-size dinosaur outside with sidewalk chalk.
  • Have students complete the Graph It worksheet.


Day 3

  • Have students in-groups of 3 or 4 complete the dinosaur theories/ death of the dinosaur worksheet.
  • Have each student write a story as if they were there explaining what happened to the dinosaurs.
  • Have them draw a picture to go along with their story.
  • Edit stories and write a final draft


Day 4

  • Deserts of the world activity. Give them facts on different deserts in the world and have them share as a class.
  • Desert sunrise, sunset wheel.

(Activities come from NatureScope: Discovering Deserts pages 32-33).


Day 5

  • Have a class discussion on the different kinds of plants and animals that can be found in a forest.
  • Create a web of these on the board.
  • Have them color the forest picture from Know Your Niche on page 130.
  • If there is extra time play the elk game as a class.


Day 6

  • Read Life in the Rain Forest (page 21 of NatureScope Rain Forests: Tropical Treasures)
  • Canopy picture match with poems. (pages 24&33)


Day 7

  • Discuss plant and animal life that is found in the ocean. Read Life in the Ocean page 16 of NatureScope: Diving into Oceans.
  • Teach them a song called Sing A Sea Song (page 8)
  • Surface to Sea Floor slide view. (pages 29-30, 35)


Day 8

  • Create a Coral Reef Pop Up. ( pages 64-65)

Day 9

  • Students will make a biome of their choice.


Day 10

  • Finish Biomes
  • Review for test


Day 11

  • Test Day


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