Science Activity Ideas


Growing Beans:

Kids love to watch things grow, and beans are great because they grow very quickly. One way to do this activity is to simply get a paper towel damp. Wrap it around a bean, and place it in a Ziploc bag. After a few days, the children will be able to see the roots forming. You can leave it in the bag until it actually sprouts, or you can transplant it after the roots have formed. At any rate, this activity allows students to see many different parts of the growing process. (Idea from Jodi Ott)



Plants, like people, are all different. There are many different kinds of plants, and each of these requires different things to survive. Because of this, not all plants grow everywhere. This fact makes a lesson on habitat and climate great. Kids can learn about what kind of plants need what kinds of things to survive, then predict what they would find in a place with a specific climate.


Plant Parts:

When studying plants, kids need to learn about the different parts of a plant and how each of them are used. While this is a science topic, we actually used an art activity to help the kids relate to it. For more information on this activity see our Art Ideas page. The activity is called, Construction Paper Flowers.


Fruits and Foods:

As people, many of the plants we see, we use for food. Bringing in fruits and vegetables for the students to look at can help them understand this topic. When talking about fruits and foods, you could discuss the different parts of plants that we eat. Sometimes we eat the leaves (lettuce, spinach, etc.). Sometimes we eat the roots (potatoes, carrots, etc.) Sometimes we eat the fruits that come from the flowers (peaches, apples, etc.)

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