Math Activity Ideas

Sorting and Classifying:

This activity can be done at any point during the lessons about plants. Kids can sort seeds coming up with their own categories, they can sort flowers the same way. To make this activity most effective, allow students to come up with their own categories.


Bar Graphs:

After kids have sorted and classified any of their plant items (seeds, leaves, flowers, etc.) they can graph them to be able to have a clearer view of what they have. A good way to do this is to create a grid that has squares big enough for the largest item they are classifying to fit in. Have the children write the category title at one end of each column, then place each of the objects that goes in that category in a square in that column. After all of the items are in place, students can color the squares that were occupied. They then have their very own bar graph.



There are many different measurement activities that can be done through a study of plants. Kids can measure length and height by comparing a group of plants that are growing. They can measure weight by using different types of seeds. They can also measure the lengths of seeds. These measurement activities can be expanded to include addition and subtraction since these operations will allow students to compare their samples with the measurements they take.

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