Our Favorite Lesson Plan

How Plants Grow: Seeds


1. Students will understand that plants come from a seed.

2. Students will understand that different plants come from different seeds.


1. Read, The Tiny Acorn and the Big, Strong Oak, and discuss it as a class.

2. Show the class various seeds and discuss the various characteristics.


1. Divide class into cooperative learning groups. Plan for one adult to supervise each group. (Bring in parent volunteers)

2. Have children wet their cotton balls and roll each cotton ball in a different kind of seed. (Four or five seeds per cotton ball)

3. Instruct students to place each cotton ball in a different finger of their glove.

4. Label the fingers of each glove based on the type of seed in that finger.

5. Allow opportunities over the next few weeks for the children to look at their seeds and record their observations in a journal.


1. Book: The Tiny Acorn and the Big, Strong Oak

2. Containers of water (one per group)

3. Cotton balls (five per child)

4. Five kinds of seeds (enough for each child to have a few of each)

5. Plastic gloves (one per child)

Assessment Procedures:

1. When the children have completed the project, have them make predictions in their journals (writing or drawing) about what they expect to see.

2. Develop a class book about how plants grow using The Tiny Acorn and the Big, Strong Oak as a model.

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