Thanksgiving History:

Topic: Word Decoding w/ bulletin board incorporation

Core Objective: Standard 4010-03, core 4010-0301 students will use phonemic awareness and graphophonic cues (letter/sound correspondence) to decode words.

Classroom Learning Objectives: Students will gain knowledge about he first Thanksgiving, how the pilgrims lived and the differences between our Thanksgiving today and the Thanksgivings of the past. Students will recognize different parts of the word Thanksgiving and be able to spell it. Students will develop small motor skills by tracing their hands and cutting them out for the bulletin board.

Materials: The book "The Pilgrims' First Thanksgiving" by Ann McGoven, Globe (to show the route the pilgrims' took) sentence strip to write the word Thanksgiving on, markers, chalk board or white board, colored construction paper, scissors.

Anticipatory Set: Introduce Tommy the Turkey (a turkey made of paper for the bulletin board) and tell the students that Tommy is very sad and ask them if they can figure out why he is sad? (Because he has no feathers) Explain that as a class we will use our hands to create features for Tommy. Then ask the students what they all ready know about pilgrims' and the First Thanksgiving. Write their thoughts on the white board and point them out when reading "The Pilgrims' First Thanksgiving"

Procedures: Read the book "The Pilgrims' First Thanksgiving" talk about what is in the book related to what the kids already knew. Show the students the path the pilgrim's took to get to America. Write the word "Thanksgiving" on the white board and ask the students what they notice about the word? (TH digraph, compound word, "ing" brothers, why it starts with a capital letter, etc.). Write the word on a sentence strip and cut it up so each letter stands alone. Have some students come to board and try and unscramble the word. Let a couple of students have a turn. Re-ask some questions about the First Thanksgiving that were addressed in the book to refresh the students memories. Have students return to seats and pass out construction paper (5-6 pieces cut in half depending on the size of the turkey and bulletin board, extra hands can be used as a border) Students will begin to trace their hands and cut them out to give Tommy Turkey some feathers so he will no longer be unhappy.

Assessment: Informal assessment as students are finishing up the feathers for Tommy. Ask random questions that were addressed earlier in the story corner about the book and about the word "Thanksgiving".

Closure: When finished with cutting out the features students will return to story corner and read the poem "Thanksgiving Power" found at This is a funny story to lighten the mood for the students.

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