Sample Lesson Plan

Load 'em Up and Move 'em Out!

Objective: Student will be able to work as a team to fill a wagon with supplies for a trek.

Materials: Supply List (worksheet), Supply Journal (worksheet), Pictures of Nauvoo for bulletin board

Introduction: Talk about Nauvoo and getting ready to leave. (You could possibly dress up as a pioneer and talk as if you are from Nauvoo.) The life they had there and being kicked out. How Brigham Young asked them to prepare to leave. Talk about necessities, and wants vs. needs.

Activity: Each family will be given a list of supplies they can buy with prices and a "supply journal" to keep track of what they buy and what they use throughout the trek. Next, each student will calculate the amount of money that they have individually (In a previous unit the students earned "money" for good behavior). The students will then determine how much money they have as a group. With the money they have and the supply list students will determine what to take on the trek. They will then write down what they are taking in their supply journals and determine how much money they have left.

Assessment: There is not one right answer but the amount of money the students spend needs to be equal to or less than the amount of money they had. Make sure that they have the supplies needed for a trek. Do they have a wagon, enough food, and clothing for each individual?

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