Unit Overview



  • Provide learning about inventors and inventions through a variety of group formations as well as individual exploration (personal research, making toothpaste, making commercials, researching advertising techniques, etc.).
  • Teach lessons that are integrated across several subject areas (science, social studies, math, art, music, language arts).
  • Provide students with hands-on learning experiences (making instruments, making toothpaste, calculator activity).
  • Allow for flexibility according to students' needs



  • Students will be involved in research and activities that will help them to become familiar with different inventors and inventions.
  • Students will learn steps to take when making an invention and use these steps to develop their own invention (criteria for a good invention, drawing inventions, keeping records, creating names for inventions, etc.).
  • Students will become familiar with the process of advertising and patenting inventions and do so for their own inventions (creating slogans for ads and developing a commercial to market their invention).


Lesson Plan



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