Time Machine Directions


  1. Obtain a refrigerator box.
  2. Cut a door in it, as shown above.  Cut where lines are solid in the model, and fold it out (away from the box) along the dotted lines.
  3. Make a latch for the door by cutting a piece of cardboard about 8 inches by 4 inches and attaching it to the side of the door with a nail.  Bend the end of the nail that is on the inside of the time machine so that it will stay in.  That way, you can twist the cardboard over the door to hold it shut.
  4. Make a time dial for your time machine by cutting a semi-circle out of colored paper (or simply drawing or painting it on there) and gluing it above the door, as shown in the model.  Cut a long triangle out of poster-board and attach it to the semi-circle with a brad, so you can turn it to reflect the desired year.
  5. Add any other buttons or gadgets you think would be fun on your time machine.

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