Grade Level: K - 2

Created by: Marilee Bradley & Julia Peterson, completed as part of the requirements for El Ed 4050 Fall Semester, 1999, Jay Monson, course instructor, USU.


Unit Contents

  • Family Poem
  • Objectives and Goals
  • Significance of Topic
  • Web Map Outline
  • Introductory Activities
  • Developmental Activities
  • Culminating Activities
  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Resources



Subject: Social Studies
Grade Level: K - 2


Objective: Students will understand and appreciate differences between families.


Motivation: Share "What is a Family" poem



  • Read How I was Adopted, At Daddy's on Saturday, Who Will Pick Me Up When I Fall?, Black is Brown is Tan, and Willie's Not the Hugging Kind.
  • Discuss that all of the above mentioned families are acceptable. Ask the children why all of these families are happy. Lead the discussion towards the importance of having each other as a family. It is okay that we are all different.
  • Allow time for students to share about their families.
  • Divide class into 3 groups. Have each group choose one of the books that was previously read, to act out. Provide time for them to practice the role-playing.
  • Each group will perform their book for the class.


Extension: Perform role-plays for other classes throughout the school.



  • "What is a Family" poem
  • How I was Adopted book
  • At Daddy's on Saturday book
  • Who Will Pick Me Up When I Fall? book
  • Black is Brown is Tan book
  • Willie's Not the Hugging Kind book
  • Dress-up costumes for role-playing



  • Teacher observation
  • Discussion participation
  • Group participation


Teacher Evaluation:

  • Did the students show appreciation and acceptance of the different family types?
  • Did the students show appreciation of each other?


Best resources used:

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