Initiation Lesson Plan for Nutrition (1st Grade)

Created by Kimberly Nance

Completed as part of the requirements for ELED 4050 Fall Semester, 1999, Jay Monson, course instructor, USU


Constructing the Pyramid


  1. Objective: The students will be able to recognize the food guide pyramid and understand the importance of a daily balanced diet.


  2. Materials: 10 basic building blocks per student, "Gregory the Terrible Eater", picture of the food guide pyramid


  3. Motivation: Present the food guide pyramid to the students and ask them if they recognize what shape it is. Then ask them if they know what the triangle or pyramid represents.

    Procedure: Briefly explain the food groups within the pyramid. Explain to the students that they are going to build their own pyramid with the 10 blocks on their desks. Build it together with the students placing 4 on the base, 3, 2, and 1 on the top.

    Next tell the students that the pyramid they made represents the food guide pyramid and review what each level stands for in their blocks. Now have the students take away some blocks off the base and add those blocks to other parts of the pyramid.

    Discuss with the students what happened when the blocks were moved. Ask them what problems that had when they tried to balance more blocks on the top than the bottom.

    Explain to the students how the pyramid represents their body and how if they have more "fats and oils" than "wheat and cereal" in their diets, the nutrients in their bodies aren't balanced and it causes tummy aches. Explain how the food they eat every day needs to follow the food guide pyramid or they will be unhealthy and sick.

    Read "Gregory the Terrible Eater" to the class and discuss the effects that Gregory's terrible diet had on his health. Talk about the effects following the food guide pyramid will have on their health.


  4. Assessment: Verbally have the students explain what food groups we need to have the most of in our diets, the next most and so on. Verbally have the students make up a healthy diet for Gregory using the food guide pyramid.


Unit Summary:

The Nutrition Unit that I put together was based around the 4 basic food groups. The main objective was to have the students know the food groups and which foods belonged to them. The unit also taught the students to have a basic knowledge of what a "balanced meal" contained according to the Food Guide Pyramid.

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