Unit: Patriotism and Citizenship
Title of Lesson: Places where I see the flag
Subject Area: Social Studies and Language Arts
Grade Level: Kindergarten

(Utah Core Objectives)

6000-4060 Participate in patriotic activities except when against religious beliefs.
6000-1010 Participate in group discussions.

4000-6010 Understand the use of print. Express ideas in picture and print.
4000-7010 Use words, pictures adn symbols to represent ideas. Write simple sentences on drawings.
4000-1101 Build upon the language skills developed in the family, school, and community. Share ideas, ask and answer questions, listen and respond to peers and adults.

"The Star Spangled Banner" illustrated by Peter Spier (words by Francis Scott Key)
Paper for writing (I see the flag ____________)

1) Anticapatory Set
a- Sing the star spangled banner while reading the book.

2) Establish Context
a- We listened to the national anthem yesterday. It is a special song about the flag of our country.

3) State Purpose or Objectives
a- We are learning about the flag of our country.
b- Often when we hear the national anthem we will see the flag.
c- We will learn about different places where we see the flag and will write a sentence for a class book about flags.

4) Guided Learning
a- Yesterday we learned that our country has special symbols. These symbols help remind us to be proud. During calendar time we said the pledge of allegiance. That also helps us to remember to be proud of our country. What do we look at when we say the pledge of allegiance (the flag)? We have a flag in our classroom. Where else have you see a flag of our country (schoolyard, churches, library, olympics, post office, sports games, parades, scouts, army, etc.)?
b- Let's make a list of some of the places where we see the flag.

5) Appropriate Practice/Feedback
a- (do this on chart paper or an overhead projector) On this paper we have the start of a sentence. "I see the flag ________." We have already listed some places where we see the flag. I can remember going to a basketball game. They had a big flag by some of the seats. We even sang the national anthem at the beginning of the game. I already have I see the flag on my paper. What is the first sound in basketball? (Have students write it on the paper and continue to spell the word basketball.)
b- During group time today you will be writing a sentence about where you see the flag and you will make an illustration. These pages are going to be put into a class book about the flag. Make sure to do your best work so we can share these pages with our class.

6) Independent Practice
a- During group time each student will complete a sentence about where they see the flag.

Talk about flags from different countries. Point out that during the olympics we can see flags from many different countries. Ask the students if they have ever seen flags from a different country. See if students in the class would like to share the flag from their home country.

Teachers will evaluate students during class discussions as well as during the writing center. Students will complete a page to go towards a class book about the flag.