American Colonization


Grade Level: 5



Created by Karissa Hatton. Completed as part of the requirements for ElEd 4050 Fall semester, 1999, Jay Monson, course instructor, USU.


Unit Overview: The unit that I created includes the following topics:

A. The founding of Virginia

B. Life on Southern plantations

C. The founding of New England

D. Religion in New England

E. Education and trade in New England

F. The founding of the middle colonies

G. Philadelphia


Lesson plan: Education in New England

Objective: Students will demonstrate how colonial children learned to read, by crating an alphabet book to give to a kindergarten class.


1. Discuss New England Education

- Puritans felt everyone should be able to read the bible

- As early as 1647 public schools had been set up

- Children learned Puritan religion along with their everyday lessons

- Learned to read from the New England Primer

- Sometimes women ran a school in their home called a dame school

- Children would learn the alphabet, spelling, reading and arithmetic

- Girls learned how to sow and weave

2. Make a alphabet book to give to a kindergarten class. (My idea)

- Show several alphabet books as examples

- Have students come up with a theme for the book

- Give each student a letter of the alphabet

- The student writes one or two sentences about the letter and draws a picture to represent it.


1. Several alphabet books

2. Colored paper

3.Markers, color pencils, or crayons


This resource helped me out the most it is the students textbook: Vuicich, George, et al. United States. McGraw - Hill, 1983

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