Annie and the Old One: Trading Post

Curriculum Objective 6020-0201:
    Identify cultural traits and values that are inherited and acquired; i.e.,
family, religious, and cultural traditions, physical characteristics, etc.

Curriculum Objective 5020-1004:
    Make and use measurements in problem and everyday situations
(determine if an item of a given price can be purchased with a given
combination of coins.

Materials needed:
four different colors of pony beads; enough for each student's design
cardboard strips (looms)
large needles, one per student
cardboard coins
order slip for Trading Post, attached


1. When Annie's mother finished the blanket, she was going to take it to
the trading post to buy supplies the family needed. Each of the students
will already have their loom ready to use. In order for the students to
complete their projects, they will need to purchase beads from the
trading post in the classroom (teacher).

2. Explain that the reason they were only allowed to use four colors to
create their beadwork designs in the preceding lesson was because each bead in their pattern was worth a certain amount.

3. List the colors and their prices on the board (one=penny,
another=nickels, etc.)


4. Using cardboard coins, have students figure our the total cost of their
    - How many beads are in their pattern that are worth a quarter?             Nickel? Dime? Penny?
    - Lay out one coin for each corresponding bead.
    - Add up the coins and write the total on the order slip.

5. When done the students can take their orders to the trading post. If
correct, hand out the beads.


6. Explain the procedure for putting their bead on the loom.
        - Thread needles with yarn.
        - Tie a knot on the bottom, far left warp string.
        - Thread first column of beads onto the needle.
        - Pull down until the beads are flush and in between the warp strings.
        - Send the needle back through the beads the opposite direction; make sure the second pass goes under each of the warp strings.
        - Continue this way until the pattern is complete.


7. Each student will need to add up their total for the trading post before
their can purchase beads.