As part of my Level III practicum for USU I got to teach a integrated,
thematic unit for social studies in a second grade classroom. I designed
the unit using resources from my cooperating teacher, books from the
library, online resources, and my own imagination. I was given the topic
for the unit by my cooperating teacher--Native Americans.
   This is a very broad category. At first I thought it would be best to cover the general categories of Native Americans (Plains, Northeast,
Woodland, etc.) and focus on one or two tribes from each area. That
would have meant one area per day. Since I only had an hour a day for
seven days to teach it, I decided to narrow my focus and stick more to
Utah State Core Curriculum Objective 6020-0201 that my unit would
fit under.

    So, I chose the Navajo people, or Dine as they call themselves, to base
my unit on. My cooperating teacher runs a very literature-based
classroom. That is the reason each of the lessons refers to Annie and the
Old One by Miska Miles. I chose this book because it encompassed
almost all of the aspects of Navajo culture I wanted to present. Also, the
story's main character, Annie, is the same age as students I taught.

    The lessons I have included on this web page are the ones I taught.
Feel free to use them or adapt them as needed. I found a wealth of
information and ideas for activities that I never had time for. So, I
thought I would include those for anyone who may want to use them.