Annie and the Old One: Desert Ecosystem

Curriculum Objective 6020-0201:
    Identify cultural traits and values that are inherited and acquired; i.e.,
family, religious, and cultural traditions, physical characteristics, etc.

My Objective:
    Where a person lives influences their culture. Annie, from Annie and
the Old One, lives in the desert with neighbors scattered across the
countryside. The student live in a city with neighbors across the street
and ready access to water. At the end of this lesson the students will be
able to correctly identify three or more environmental differences
between Annie's world and their world and how these differences affect
who they are.

Materials Needed:
white paper                                 Annie's World and Ours handout
scissors                                         large chart paper
colored chalk                               markers
Kleenexes                                    masking tape

Introduction (20 min):

1. Remind students of the story that was read yesterday. Talk about the
land and objects that make up Annie's world. List them on the board.
            - mesa             - bluff             - coyote
            - weaving        - cactus         - red sand
            - sheep             - corn             - pumpkins 

2. Ask students what makes up our world. List them on the board.
            - land formations                 - houses
            - water access                     - transportation
            - food                                     - animals
            - weather                             - clothes

3. Ask the students what would be different in their lives if they lived in
Annie's world.
        - not be able to walk to school
        - no snow in winter
        - clothes would have to cover more
        - water activities not available
        - have to grow own food.

4. Explain and pass out Annie's World and Ours handout. Allow students
time to complete.

Methods (15 min):

4. Explain that the place someone lives influences their way of life, their
culture. If Annie came to our world what would be different for her?
        - watering plants         - getting to school         - housing
        - shopping for food     - yarn for weaving         - neighbors

5. As students answer this, write their answers on a large chart paper,
make a class story-- "If Annie Came to Our World."

Closure (30 min):

6. When this is finished, pass out two pieces of plain white paper to each
students for the chalk drawing.

7. To draw, tear or cut a piece of paper in desired shape, draw heavy
chalk line along edge of torn piece, place on plain paper, rub chalk off
design onto plain paper using a tissue, repeat until picture is complete).

8. Hand my own drawing on board for model. Demonstrate how I made
the mesa and bluff, the cactus, and the sky.

9. Let students create their own pictures. Wander and assist as needed.

10. Give five minutes to clean up.


11. While writing the class story, try to get responses from each students.
Since the paper space is limited, monitor responses during introduction

12. Handout--Annie's World and Ours--completed correctly.