Additional Activities

1) Build dioramas of a hogan and night corral, with loom outside. The
chalk pictures from Annie and the Old One: Desert Ecosystem make
fantastic backgrounds for these!

2) Research the animals found in the southwestern desert. Assign one or more students to a particular animal. Have students make a class book about desert animals using the information they found about their

3) Instead using beads with the loom in Annie and the Old One: Trading
Post, use strands of yarn to make mini-rugs. These can be used on looms for dioramas.

4) The Navajo are very skilled at silver-working. Their jewelry with silver
and turquoise is a specialty. The process of this leads to great science
lessons. Tinfoil and sequins can be used as a substitute for replicating the real thing in class.

5) Contact local representatives of Native American organizations to
come visit with your class. They are usually more than willing to share their culture with students.

6) Story-telling is one of the primary ways Native American children
learn their histories and values. Oral presentations of childhood stories or lessons learned as a child are a great application of this aspect of Navajo life for the students.