All About Trappers




By: Jillynne LeVitre & Melanie Gardner

A Unit for 4th or 5th Grade


Here is a little lesson plan you could use to wrap it all up!!!


(Our Culminating Activity)



Students will demonstrate the knowledge they have learned throughout the unit in this culminating activity, by trading for necessary supplies they will need for the upcoming year.



  • Supplies for purchase: -traps -bullets -tea -flour -sugar -gun powder -trinkets
  • Beaver pelts (this is a token that you have created, it could be some sort of reward system throughout your unit)
  • The students own possible bag (from previous art lesson)
  • Necessary supplies list (from previous math lesson)



Explain rules for Rendezvous and distribute beaver pelts to all the trappers (students).



  • Students will visit the fur companies and trade their beaver pelts for the supplies they need.
  • Students can visit the storytelling corner in which they will share their stories from their trapping experiences (previous journal assignment).
  • Students will participate in dance/song previously learned.
  • Enjoy and have fun.



Students will gather together and we will finish the KWL as a class, filling in the L part, what they learned.



  • Invite in a guest storyteller/trapper to speak to the students.
  • Bring in parent volunteers to help with bartering and trading.
  • Students can make and dress up in mountain men cloths.



A great website to help students realize the reality of trappers is by looking at the gravesites of trappers. Look here to find out more

If you want more information about our unit on trappers feel free to email either one of us





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