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"The past...we all feel connected to our personal history, how it has shaped the person we are today and will condition who we will become tomorrow... Utahís past is rich almost beyond belief.  Few places in the world evidence such remarkable preservation of previous cultures, and in Utah the past is immediate and accessible....However, the accessibility of Utahís prehistoric and historic sites could soon mean the destruction of our cultural legacy. The number of sites that have not been disturbed or looted is dwindling at an alarming rate. Greed and ignorance are robbing us of our heritage, of our opportunity to experience and connect with our past."

Intrigue of the Past: Investigating Archaeology


We feel that especially here in Utah where our cultural heritage is so abundant, archaeology is important to the curriculum because of the issues it brings into the classroom. Students need to understand the processes of archaeology and the importance it plays in preserving our history.  They also need to understand that conservation begins with them.  Our historical sites will not be preserved without the education and effort of our children.


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