Writerís Workshop Mini-Lesson


        Students will demonstrate an understanding of detail and techniques used to ìshowî a place or event.


         Before You Came This Way and When Clay Sings by Byrd Baylor
         paper and pencils for activity


        Read Before You Came This Way ask students if the author used any particular techniques
        to show the scenes in the book and to make them feel and think about the past.
        Choose an example of details about actions and a question asked by the author.
        Ask students to think about these techniques as you read When Clay Sings.
        Discuss student findings and write down some examples of the techniques used.
        What do these techniques reflect?  Does the author value rock art?
        What are some questions that they might ask if they wrote about rock art?
        Tell students that they will be writing poetry about rock art that will be used on a bulletin
        board in the hall.  They will need to write about rock art that has a story like those in the
        books.   Have them draw a rock art picture first and use it as a writing prompt.
        (Student poems will be printed, cut out and attached to student art work in the hall.)


        Have an example piece of poetry and art that you have done displayed for struggling students.


         Students understanding will be observed through participation and finished poetry.

Write and Confer

        I will circulate and help students during while they are writing.
        I will suggest that some share and ask for two or three students who want to share at the end.

         Students sign up on board
         Students volunteer when activity is finished
         Students share in groups
         Students are asked to share.


         Have students create a class rock art mural.
         Later vandalize the completed mural.
         Begin the next day with discussions about the vandalism and conservation.
         Role-play, write etc. Have students express their feelings.
                  (Hint: Let them know that you did it.  Discuss your purpose at the end of the day.)

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