Unit Summary


I wrote a unit on the constitution. It includes different lesson on the Constitution, the Great Compromise, the Preamble, and the Pledge of Allegiance. This unit also includes different books you can incorporate into the curriculum, extra worksheets and activities, and lots, lots more. This is one of the lesson plans.


The Preamble



  1. Students will learn the meanings of the "big words" in the Preamble.
  2. Students will write the preamble in more common words.




Preamble on overhead, overhead markers, dictionaries, poster-board/paper, markers, crayons




  1. Read the Preamble to the class.
  2. Ask the class if they understood what it meant.
  3. Ask how we can find out what it means.
  4. Separate into groups of two or three people.
  5. Pass out the dictionaries.
  6. Have the students look up the words that they don’t know.
  7. Have them help you rewrite the preamble on the overhead.
  8. Separate into eight groups.
  9. Assign each group part of the Preamble.
  10. Have the group put the original version, their version, and the picture depicting their phrase on the poster.
  11. Hang the posters in order.




    1. Look at the way the students interpreted the Preamble.


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We the people of the United States,

In order to form a more perfect union,

Establish justice, insure domestic tranquility,

Provide for the common defense,

Promote the general welfare,

And secure the blessings of liberty

To ourselves and our posterity,

Do ordain and establish this Constitution

For the United States of America.