Native Americans


A unit developed for second grade

This unit was made for students to understand that not all Native American tribes are alike. They didn't all live in teepees, or travel the same way. Here is just a sample lesson. If you want the other activities or lesson plans you can reach me at

Day One

Objective: The students will explain what they already know about Native Americans. The students will explain what Native Americans lived in, how they traveled, what they ate, how they communicated, what they wore, and what they did for fun.

Motivation: Start reading the novel, "Naya Nuki, Shoshoni Girl Who Ran." Make a list with the students of what they know about Native Americans.

Method: On a chart paper, write the students ideas about Native Americans. Assign each group of students a certain group of tribes. Give them a chart paper with the questions about what that group of Native Americans did for food, shelter, clothing, communication, traveling and fun. Let the students draw or write the answers to each question.

Materials: Chart paper for all the groups and one for class discussion.

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