Machine Walk
Lesson plan for a simple machine integrated unit.
By Callie Naccarato


To help the students to realize simple machines are all around them.


-Each child needs a piece of paper to take notes on.
-Bring examples of simple machines that the students are surrounded by each day.


Tell the students that we are going on a machine walk.  While we are on our walk every student is to take notes and write down everything they see that resembles machines.  Walk the students through the cafeteria, in the janitor's closet, out to the playground, ect.
Before leaving the classroom tell the students that this part of our activity is to be done by  all by themselves and that they are to be quiet while they are in the halls, so they don't disturb other classes.

Concept Development:

After returning to the classroom separate the students in to groups of 4 or 5.  Have the students share with each other what they thought to be machines, and have them make a list of all of their ideas combined.  After they have discussed and came up with a group list, have a representative from each group share their ideas with the rest of the students.  Have the students compare and add any additional machines that they think they would find in the school.

Concept Application:

Once each group has shared what their group came up with, take the same machine walk and have the student's point out different or additional simple machines; and if they miss some, bring them to the students attention.


  • Ask the students if they can name any more simple machines that they didn't see on their machine walk.
  • Have the student write a journal entry titled "On my way home from school I see many different simple machines".  Tell the student to imagine they are going home from school and tell them to imagine all of the simple machines that they see on their way home.  Tell the students they may also include any simple machines they see in their home.

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