Imagine Me at the First Thanksgiving


Unit: Thanksgiving

Grade: Kindergarten

Objective: The students will imagine what they think the First Thanksgiving was like and then draw a picture of themselves at the First Thanksgiving for a class book.


-Imagine by Alison Lester

-white construction paper



1. Ask the students some review questions about the First Thanksgiving. As a class discuss key points of it.

2. Ask the children if they know what the word imagine means. Listen and respond to several suggestions.

3. Read the story Imagine to the class. Before each page have them imagine in their minds what they think each of the different places looks like. Discuss how the picture in their minds might differ from the picture in the book. Discuss how we can be a different person or be in a different place if we use our imaginations.

4. Do a simple relaxation procedure, such as relaxing each part of their body. Then have the children close their eyes and imagine what they think the First Thanksgiving was like. Describe to them some things they might see, such as a table, food, Pilgrims and Indians. After they have a picture of the First Thanksgiving, have the class imagine themselves there. Are they a pilgrim or an Indian? What are they doing?

5. Have the children then draw a picture on white construction paper of what they imagined the First Thanksgiving to look like. Have each child include him or herself in the drawing.

6. Collect the finished pictures and compile a book entitled Imagine Mrs. Bagley's class at the First Thanksgiving.

Accommodations: Help any children that cannot write their own name.

Assessment: Assessment will be taken orally and through observation. The children will also be assessed as they share their pictures with the class.

Source: my idea

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Unit Summary: This unit was designed to teach kindergartners the origin and significance of Thanksgiving. It consists of several activities to help make Thankgiving more meaningful for the children. It includes lesson plans on the First Thanksgiving, being thankful, and the signifigance of a turkey. It integrates many other subjects across the curriculum. The focus of the unit is to teach kindergartners why we celebrate Thanksgiving.

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