Social Studies Webquests

Spring Semester 2005 - Prepared by Ms. Jamie Hodges' Social Studies Methods Course Students in Secondary Education 4200. For this assignments pre-service teachers were required to create a WebQuest for their specific content areas. A WebQuest is a teacher-designed Web page that requires students to actively engage in learning tasks and activities using Internet resources.

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Utah State University



Vietnam War Personalities Activity

Adelle Pratt

Archimedes Webquest

Andy Merrill

Roman Time Capsule - A Webquest Created for 8th Grade World History. Aaron Johnson

World Wide Webquest

Ashley Jones

Quest for Québec

Becca Nichole

Buying the Car of Your Dreams

BreAnne Kunz

Communications Technology Webquest Chad Harrison

Trip to Spain

Christine Woolston

Computer Hardware Webquest

Cody Valdez

Physical Education Webquest

Daniel Zabriskii

What is life like for a teen in Afghanistan today?

Debbie Briggs

The Mystery Disease Outbreak

Emilee Groesbeck

International Music Convention

Inger Armstrong

The art of the Italian Renaissance WebQuest

Jackie Hirschi

Sub For Santa Claus

Jeanine David

History, Baseball, and Math

Jennifer Jones

Quest for Pythagoras

Jessica Humphries

Plate Tectonics Webquest John Campbell
Learning From Pablo Picasso Justin Wheatley
Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper" Katherine Krein
Krystal's Spanish WebQuest Krystal Wilkins
Mr. Power's Webquest Levi Power
Save Grandfather's Farm (PDF) Luke Waldron
Math WebQuest - How "Good" of a Basketball Player are You? Mikki Grimley
Fitness and its Different Components Mindy Zabriskie
Back to the Future: The Battle of Gettysburg Ryan Eddington
Volleyball Unit Test Sarah Smith
Trip to Perú Sean Smith
Summer Fitness Program Tanaya Wood
BIENVENIDOS - Comida Paraguaya - A Webquest for Eighth Graders TJ Sorensen
Introduction to Treasure Island Tracy Conger

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