Where in the world are you?

Webquest Created by Vanessa Hopkins




Pretend you are stranded in a foreign country. You have to gather all of the information you can while you are there! You are going to research a foreign, Spanish speaking, location and built a miniature model of that location! You will write a one page paper in Spanish describing your model, also you will do a five minute presentation of your model to the class, also in Spanish. This is a great opportunity to learn more about a different culture, their famous landmarks, monuments, the city set-up, and much more! You are going to work individually on this project.


You are going to research the following topics of a specific Spanish speaking city:

You are going to build a miniature model of the city/community that you research. You will use all of the information you found to construct the model. You may only use "clean garbage" to construct your models. Clean garbage includes:

Milk cartons, cereal boxes, paper towel or toilet paper tubes, cardboard boxes, straws, soda cans, bottle caps, bottles, wrappers, etc.

This information will help you in researching and constructing your models. Look under Process for a more detailed explanation of what you are to do.


Step one

You need to decide what country and city you would like to focus on. In the resources section you will find a link titled, list of different countries, which lists all the different locations that you may choose from. This website also provides helpful information that is required for your research. You need to keep record of all research as well as the sources that you get them from. You will need this information to write you one page description paper of your model. You will turn in your final paper with all of your research notes.


Step Two

After choosing a location to research, answer the following questions to help guide your research. You may find some valuable information on the links found under resources to help answer these questions:

1. What does the flag look like? What does the flag symbolize?

2. What are the major religions of the location?

3. Name three foods they are well known for.

4. What is the major source of income?

5. Does the location import/export goods? If so, what?

6. Name and describe three cultural events or activities the location is known for (clothing, festivals, music, dances, etc.).

7. Name and draw a sketch of at least three landmarks, monuments, historical sites or famous buildings.

8. What type of home is common in this location?


Step Three

Bring in materials that you may want to use. ALL materials you use must be garbage. This way we are using what is available and cheap, and it allows us to be creative! I will provide glue, tape, scissors, etc, that you can use to help construct your model. Materials you may want to use include: milk cartons, cereal boxes, paper towel or toilet paper tubes, cardboard boxes, straws, soda cans, bottle caps, bottles, wrappers, etc.


Step Four

Begin your model by relating information from your research to specific materials you may use. You may focus on re-creating the location you chose, or you may focus on creating a standard house in that location. Make sure that you include as much information about the location in your model as you can. For example: if I was constructing a house from my location of the island of Fuerteventura (in Spain), I would build a white house surrounded by sand, I would include camels, bananas and fish (major products exported), a Canarian flag, a round about (landmarks that are common), etc.


Step Five

After you have finished your model, begin writing your paper. The paper should include an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion of what you have learned by completing this project. This is to be written in Spanish. You may choose to write your rough draft in English and then translate it, but I suggest writing in Spanish from the start. This way will give you more practice.


Step Six

After writing your paper, prepare your five minute presentation. Make notes on note cards to help you along in your presentation. Your presentation is to include: why you chose your location, a description of the location, an explanation of your model, an explanation of the significance of the items you placed on your model, and a conclusion of what you enjoyed most about your research and constructing your model.


Step Seven

Present your model.


Step Eight

Display your model in the library with your name and a brief description of the model.



Click on this link for a list of different countries http://www.lonelyplanet.com/worldguide/

Information on all Spanish speaking countries


A website that will connect you to each countries official websites of tourism, etc.



Learning Advice

Here is some advice that may help you get started and keep on track...

Create an outline of what you want to accomplish and try to stick to it. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I am available during class time or after school. Let me help you if you get "stuck", need ideas, etc. Ask a friend if you need an opinion, your peers are a good way to get feedback. Use the links in the resources section, to help guide you research.



By researching a foreign location, creating a model of that location, and writing a paper describing your model and the information you learned, you have added to your knowledge of the Spanish speaking world. You were able to have the liberty to choose a location that interested you and you were able to be creative in creating a model. Others are also benefiting from your projects by observing them in the library!