Social Studies Units

Fall Semester 2003 - Prepared by Dr. Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen's Social Studies Methods Course Students

College of Education and Human Services
Utah State University



Friendships United With Diversity

Amber Hayden

How Can We Value Everyone in Our Community

Abigail Jones

Can We Have Unity in Our Classroom that represents a Nation of Immigrants?

Audrey Philpot

Who was affected by North American Colonization and How?

Allison Stokes

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: Is this list culturally exclusive? What persons or monuments could be added to create a list that will better represent the entire world?

Cami Gardner

How Can We Improve Family Relationships? A Unit for 2nd Graders on Conflict Management and Family

Candice Hardcastle Lee

How can we make businesses fair and effective?

Diane Malmstrom

Child Labor Today and Yesterday

Debbie Martin

Child Labor

Emily Nelson & Jennifer Pearson

Building Our Community-A Unit for Second Grade

Emily Newbold

How Families differ in our school, community, and world

Heather Hayes and Mica Hepworth

Inequalities in the Workforce-"Why does everyone have the right to earn a fair wage?" A Curriculum Unit for the 4th Grade

Jason Benson


Josh Despain

Is It O.K. To Be Angry When I AmTreated Unfairly? (PDF File)

Kelli Hampton

A Navajo Nation - "The People" (PDF file)

Laura Bennion

"How Can I Help Reduce Pollution?"-A Unit for 3rd Graders

Lyndsey Miller


What is Equality and How Does it Affect Me?-A Unit for 4th Graders

Brandy Johnson, Diane Erickson, and Lauren Sullivan

How Did Slavery Impact Our Nation?

Marisa Adams and Mindee Brown

Why did the Mormon Pioneers Come toUtah?-An integrated social studies unit for the Fourth Grade.

Melissa Warner

The Effects of Pollution!-A Unit for 3rd Graders

Annie Gillman and Paige Murray

What can we do about trash in our community?-A Unit for 4th Graders

Rachel Knudsen

How Can Understanding and Helping Others Build Our Own Community?

Rebecca Warnes

Why were Japanese Americans interned, and how did it affect their lives? - A Unit for 5th Graders

Sheri Lester

World War II - How Did World War II Affect People Around the World? - 5th Grade Unit (PDF File)

ValaRee Allen

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