Title:  Preparing to Leave—Advertisement for selling possessions

Time Allotted: 60 min

Grade Level: 5th

Number of Learners: 30


Unit Theme:  “Why were Japanese-Americans interned, and how did the internment affect their lives?”

Standard(s) Met:  (see below)

Goal:  The learners will be able to explain different interpretations from diverse cultural perspectives and frames of reference (NCSS 1b); locate, analyze, organize, and apply information about a public issue recognizing multiple points of view (NCSS 10c).

Objectives:  The learners will make an advertisement of sell to describe part of the process of the Japanese-American evacuation, and will view the economic impact of the war and internment. (stand. 7 obj. 2; stand. 3 obj. 2)

Materials Needed:  10 marker bins, 30 sets of colored pencils, 15 sets of crayons, 30 pencils, 30 erasers, 35 sheets of white 11x17.


Motivation:  All the Japanese-Americans have found out they are going to be relocated.  The government is going to house everyone, but they cannot leave their possessions; they must sell or rent everything they have.  Only a few clothes and precious things can be kept. What would you take? (5 min)


  1. Ask the students to list some items in their home.  Rank them in order of importance one being the highest. (5 min)
  2. Tell them that they can only keep the top three and will have to sell the rest.  Give them a chance to rearrange their list. (5 min)
  3. Pass out a sheet of paper to each student. (30 sec)
  4. Instruct the students that they are to create an advertisement to either sell or rent their possessions.  Remind them to consider that the country’s citizens are extremely racist against them right now.  They might not get as much money as they wanted. (20 min)
  5. Have the students share their advertisement with a partner or small group.  Ask them to explain what they are selling, for how much, and why.  Instruct them to put advertisement in portfolio. (10 min)
  6. Direct the students to brainstorm in groups of three some economic impacts of the internment (shops closing, prices fluctuating, jobs lost, etc.) (5 min)


Closure:  Have one or two groups share their brainstorming lists and have them give explanations.  Provide an opportunity for other groups to respond and add to comments.  Teacher may list answers and discussion topics on the board.  Review the impact on Japanese-Americans when they were forced to leave their shops and homes.  Were they economically injured? (10 min)


Accommodations:  ESL learners may use pictures only; however, have them preferably use correct dollar amounts.


Assessment/Evaluation: During the closure discussion, did the students address more than one economic issue?  How many sides were presented?  Review advertisements and prioritized lists.  Did students rearrange and correctly display their possessions?  Did they consider the discrimination towards them and the attitudes they would deal with (prices reasonable)?