Unit Planning Chart


Social Studies

Teacher Resources

Read Alouds


- Who were the first people in Utah?

- First explorers/ settlers

- What is persecution?

- Impact pioneers still have on us today.

- What made pioneers decide to move to Utah?

- Is there still religious persecution in the world/Utah?

- What made the pioneers decided to settle in Utah? Climate, land etc.

- Historical books on pioneers, Mormon pioneers

- Pioneers journals

- Grade level history textbooks

- I Walked to Zion

   By: Susan   Arrington Madsen

- Any pioneer journals

- Map drawing

- landscapes of Utah, then vs. now

- Architecture of Utah

- Draw, create scenes from the trail to Utah

Student Reading/Literature

Oral Language

Written Language


- Historical fiction about pioneers

- Books about religious persecution in other parts of history

- Native American folktales

- Poetry about crossing the plain or about the state of Utah

- Writing in a journal

- News articles

- Letter writing

- Music the Mormon pioneers had while in Nauvoo, crossing the plains, and in Utah 

- Native American Music



Physical Edu. /Movement/Health


- Crops you can grow in Utah

- Native plants to Utah

- Plants that were useful to the pioneers

- How many miles from Nauvoo to Utah 

- How long it would take to get to Utah if you only traveled x amount of miles a day

- You need to pack for a trip to Utah but have x amount of money and supplies cost x amount. What will you take to survive?

- How many miles can you walk in a day?

- Look at what the pioneers ate along the trail. Look at it’s nutrition and if you could live on it yourself.

- Pioneer games on the computer

-Talk about wagons/ handcarts vs. cars, planes and trains

- Irrigations – how the pioneers got the water needed for farming


Accommodations for Learner

Field Trips/ Guests

Culminating Activity / Unit Projects

- Have students write journals from pioneers perspective

- Students draw pictures portraying why pioneers moved out west to Utah 

- Individual conferences with students

- Unit planners/ organizers

- Students with a weakness in reading could have information read to them or partner read

- Visit “This is the Place” Monument in Salt Lake City

- Go to a historical living farm

- Have parents come and share some of their ancestors pioneers stories

- The students will find another time in history where people were persecuted and forced to move and leave their homes. Students will then compare and contrast that event to the Mormon pioneers and present their finding to the class in a way they choose. (e.g., report, slide show, power point etc.)