††††††††††† Assessment is one of the most important tools a teacher has to use when preparing lessons for their class. In order for a teacher to teach effectively in ways that will be meaningful to their students they should base all instruction from assessment. Assessment should also be ongoing with multiple ways for teachers to look at their students and determine their strengths and weaknesses. Teachers also need to ensure that assessment measures are culturally and linguistically relevant to their students.

††††††††††† To begin this unit it will be very helpful if the first lesson you have with the class, is a KW to find what your students already know about the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and what it is they would want to learn more about. There is so much material teachers need to cover that there is no reason to teach things your students already know, so doing this KW can prove very helpful to teachers. Also students are naturally curious and they want to learn, so if we give them a chance to voice what it is they would want to learn about, and then do our best to teach this, we will find students are more interested and motivated to learn. Once teachers have this information they can use it to more explicitly teach their lessons according to the needs and desires of their students. Teachers can also expand on this and use it as an assessment tool by making a KWL chart where students add what it is they have learned from the lessons or unit. To use this as more individual assessment teachers could have each student make his or her own KWL chart and then they can add to it as they go and you can see the progression they have made.

For this unit the journal entries the students will be making each day serve as an ongoing assessment of the information being used. The teacher can assign the students to make different journal entries relating to different topics covered in class and then read the entries to assess the studentís knowledge. There may be some students who have difficultly writing either with the actual action of writing, or with organization or some other aspect of writing. Teachers need to be aware of this and could teach mini lessons about different aspects of writing some students are struggling with. Also if you have a student who has a hard time doing the actual writing you could have them make the journal entries on a computer using a word processor. Also throughout the unit the students will be doing various art projects to show different aspects of the history they are learning. Teachers can look at the art work and hold individual conferences with students so they have the opportunity to talk about their artwork and what it means to them. The students will also be working on a big group project, researching another people who have been persecuted, comparing and contrasting it to the persecution the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints received before moving to Utah, and then presenting their information to the class. As a class you can create a rubric for what needs to be included in this project and students can be assessed based on this rubric.