Goals & Objectives


            The main goals of this unit are based on the NCSS standards and the Utah Core Objectives as stated in the organization and subject matter overview.  The unit will provide answers to our overall issue question, “How can we value everyone in our community?”, by obtaining the goals set forth.  These goals focus on the areas: “Culture”, “Individual development & Identity”, “Power, Authority, & Governance”, and “Civic Ideals & Practices”.  The specific aims include: 1) Give examples and describe the importance of cultural unity and diversity within and across groups (Ie); Identify and describe ways family, groups, and community influence the individual’s daily life and personal choices (IVe); Recognize how groups and organizations encourage unity and deal with diversity to maintain order and security (VId); and Recognize and interpret how the “common good” can be strengthened through various forms of citizen action (Xj).  The Utah Core Learning Objectives follow these goals with more focus and direction.  The learning activities build upon one another to achieve these overall unit goals and objectives as stated in the “Overview and Rationale”.  The learning objectives are as follows and also clearly seen (and more specific) in the subject matter chart (Fig. 2).  1) Describe behaviors that influence relationships with family and friends (2.1); Examine important aspects of the community and culture that strengthen relationships (2.2); Express relationships in a variety of ways (2.3).