By Marshell Carter

Martin Luther King, Jr. - Human Rights

2-4 Grade


- SWBAT fill our a Data Disk on Martin Luther King, Jr. With important details from his life.

- SWBAT identify what holiday is associated with Martin Luther King, Jr. And why we celebrate this holiday.


- Book: Martin's Big Words The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. By: D. Rappaport.

- Data Disks (one per student)

- Pencils

- Calendar (current year)

- Whiteboard w/ whiteboard markers

- lined paper (two per student)


1. Write important dates (only the dates at this time) on the whiteboard. These can be written randomly all over the board. Leave some room to write next to the date. * See attached page for dates and the events that correspond with them.

2. Show students the front cover of Martin's Big Words. Ask them, "Who is this a picture of?"

3. Read aloud Martin's Big Words. State to students, "Today we are going to learn about Martin Luther King, Jr."

4. Hand out Data Disks (one per student). Idea from Seeing the Whole Through Social Studies By Tarry Lindquist. (Pg. 108)

5. "Now that we have read a little about Martin Luther King, Jr., lets write down some important dates in his life." Read an event aloud and have students guess what date matches with the even just read. Write the event on the board as students write it in the correct space on their Data Disks. Fill out the whole data disk. *See attached Data Disk for teacher reference.

6. Briefly explain that Martin Luther King, Jr. made a famous speech to a large crowd. He shared with them his dream of people being equal and sharing peace. This should be short and still informational for them to get the concept of the importance of the speech.

7. Show a calendar with Human Right's Day (Martin Luther King Day) written on it (Jan). Discuss with the students why this date is Human Right's Day and some reasons why we celebrate it. Some questions to ask:

"Do you think this holiday is important? Why or why not?"

"Are human rights important?"

"What are dome rights that we enjoy"

8. Have students write (on a lined sheet of paper) what rights they currently enjoy.

9. After assessing each disk, let students take their Data Disks home to share the information they learned with their family members.


Students will have their Data Disks completed with correct dates and corresponding information under each category.

One a sheet of paper, students will write (they may draw also) when Human Rights' Day is that year and one reason why we celebrate this holiday.


Important Dates in Concerning Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jan, 15, 1929 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Born in Atlanta, Georgia

Aug. 28, 1963 - Dr. King's "I have a Dream" speech at the March on Washington

Dec. 10, 1964 - Dr. King is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

April 4, 1968 - Dr. King is assassinated

Oct. 19, 1981 - The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for nonviolent Change, also called the King Center, opens in Atlanta Georgia.

Jan. 15, 1986 - Dr. King's birthday is celebrated as a national holiday for the first time.

Data Disk Info.

Born/ Died: Jan. 15, 1929-Dec. 10, 1964

Nationality: American

Early Life: Grew up in Atlanta, Georgia

Major Contribution: (Many) His speech "I have a Dream"

Significance: Helped African-Americans gain equal rights

Interesting Information: He won the Nobel Peace Prize, we celebrate a national holiday in honor of him, the King Center built in honor of him and his life.