Yut: A Traditional Korean Game



4 yut sticks (6" pieces of wooden molding that is flat on one side and rounded on the other)

4 mals per player or team (buttons or place markers)

1 yut board (see diagram below)



The game starts with all mals at home. A player throws the yut sticks in the air. When the sticks fall, the player moves a mal around the board the appropriate spaces.

Do -move 1 space- 1 flat, 3 round

Gae -move 2 spaces- 2 flat, 2 round

Gul -move 3 spaces- 3 flat, 1 round

Yut -move 4 spaces- 4 flat

Mo -move 5 spaces- 4 round



1. Only 1 mal can be moved each time the yut is thrown.

2. If a mal lands on a corner spot, the player can take a shortcut toward home through the middle of the playing board.

3. Players who score mo or yut get a second turn.

4. If two mals belonging to one player land on the same space, they may move


5. If your mal lands on a space occupied by another players mal, the other players

mal is sent home and must begin again, and you get another turn.

6. The first player to get all mals home is the winner.