1. Students will be introduced to a Jewish folktalke. In discussion, students will demonstrate their knowledge of Jewish culture through the reading of a picture book.

2. Students will understand that many objects have little monetary value and will realize everything has worth. Student ideas will be identified through class discussion.



1. Something from Nothing by Phoebe Gilman

2. Blank piece of paper and crayons to draw with.



1. Discuss with class, briefly, what they know about different cultures. Ask them what they know about Jewish culture and explain that the book they will be listening to is based on a Jewish folktale.

2. Read the book Something from Nothing and discuss what they feel the moral of the story is. Ask students to think of something they may own that is similar to Joseph's blanket. Ask students why their item is important; ask if it is important for anyone else. Relate this discussion to the book and the events (what happens with the blanket) to their item.

3. Discuss the importance of family in the Jewish culture and also discuss the importance of family in other cultures. What other cultures value their families? (Without pressuring them and making them feel uncomfortable, ask students of different cultures in the class their views on the subject.)

4. Give students a blank piece of paper. Have them draw something that is important to them that others may not value. Have them write a small summary on the item explaining what the item is, how long they have had it, why it is important, and why they chose to draw the item that they did.

5. Have students share some of their drawings.



Class discussion and summary of the object that was drawn.

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Lesson by Melissa Schults.