GRADE: 2nd

*This lesson will last two days - Make sure to have the students bring in their milk cartons from lunch so they can make their buildings.


1) Students will be able to identify the different services and buildings provided in a community by constructing a model community.

MATERIALS: About 2 small milk cartons per student, construction paper, scossors, glue, tape, crayons, markers, cardboard for the bottom of the community (about 3ft by 5 ft), black contruction paper to cover the cardboard, a list of buildings for community (fire and police stations, gas station, bank, food and clothing stores, school, library, post office, hospital, church etc).

* The teacher will make the bottom of the community by covering the cardboard with the black construction paper. Draw a main street road with white chalk and draw side streets connecting with the main street. Make sure there are six blocks on the community for the students to place their buildings on.

Anticipatory Set - What are some important elements in a community? What buildings are necessary to have? If you could name a community, what would you call it?

Context - We have been talking about communities and what is involved in a successful community these last two weeks, and now we are going to create our own class community.

Guide Learning -
1) Have the students tell what some important community buildings are and list them on the board (gas station, bank, food and clothing stores, police and fire stations, schools, library, church, hospital, post office, cemetery, etc).
2) Ask them why these are so important and what it would be like without them.
3) Ask them what other things a community could have besides buildings to make it a nice place to live (parks, lake, entertainment places, etc).
4) Have the students tell what they would want this community to be called and write their suggestions on the board. Have them vote to see which one wins.

Appropriate Practice - Have the students get out their scissors and glue and have all the materials set out so they can get to them. Split the students up into six groups of three or four and assign each group a block in the community. Assign each student a building to make, using the list of buildings they came up with. Have each child use their two milk cartons they brought and some construction paper to make their building. Tell them to label and decorate the building so it can be identified. If some kids get done early, have them make some houses out of the extra milk cartons or make trees and landscape for the community. When the kids are done, each group will put their buildings and creations on their block their group was assigned to.

Feedback - Explain all the directions before they start so they don't get out of control. Make sure that everyone knows their assigned building and that they make their building first before making anything else for the community.

EVALUATION: I will listen to the class decisions and discussion about what buildings to include in their model community to see if they choose the necessary buildings. I will also assess the final model of their community to check if they included everything and put it together correctly.



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