Jessica Stewart



The Rainforest



Objective: The student will be able to create a brochure containing accurate information about plants, animals, weather, location, and transportation in the rainforest.



Materials: White paper

  • Construction paper

    Information books, Eyewitness Books Jungle., Vanishing Rainforests, Vanishing Rainforests, Rain Forests, The Most Beautiful Roof in the World: Exploring the Rainforest Canopy

  • internet access,,


    markers or crayons

    Travel brochures




      Have multiple travel brochures on display for the students to look through. Should be colorful and interesting destinations for the students.

      Does this make you want to take a vacation? What characteristics of the brochure makes it appealing and attractive? (cover, color, etc.)

      Today we are going to be travel agents. We are going to use all the information we have gathered and learned about the rainforest to create our own brochures.

      Review some key information such as locations, temperatures, animals, and transportation as a whole group. Explain to them this is the information we want in our brochures.

      List the requirements for the brochure on the board

    • A picture of at least one animal found in the rainforest along with a caption describing the animal.
    • A picture of a plant found in the rainforest along with a caption.
    • A map showing the location of the rainforest.
    • What type of weather to expect while visiting the rainforest.
    • The modes of transportation you will use.
    • Preview some books and web site that the children can use to obtain more information for their brochure.
    • Show the students the brochure I made and explain to them how I obtained the
  • information and included captions for my pictures.
  •   Allow the student to work in pairs, but each individual must make their own to
  • be shared and displayed in the classroom. (hopefully on a magazine type rack.)


    Evaluation: Allow the students to share their brochures with the class if they choose to do so and collect the brochures afterwards. Make sure all of the required information is included. Make a rack for the brochures to be displayed on, just as if they were in a travel agency.


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