Finding Important Community Sites
         Objectives:  Students will be able to identify important community sites on a city map
                                using the map legend and grid system.
                                Laminated City Map (one for every two students)
                                Crayons to mark map with
                                "Can You Find?" Worksheet for each group

                                1.  Play Simon Says to review with students the four cardinal directions 
                                    in the classroom and on a map. Also review with students symbols used 
                                    on the key.  Tell students we will be using this information today.
                                2.  Draw a grid on the board.  Label the left side A-E and the top 1-5.
                                    Explain how to find coordinates on the grid.  Let students practice.
                                    Transfer this to the grid on a map.
                                3.  Pass out maps.  Allow students time to explore the map on their own.
                                4.  Pass out "Can you Find?" Worksheet to each group.  Ask students "What
                                    tools do we have to help us find these places?"  Point out the key
                                    and the coordinate table.  Allow students time to work on their own.
                                    Have them circle the sites as they find them.

                                Teacher observation.  Also check maps for correct labeling.

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