Objective: To match appropriate foods and materials with the farm animal gives us


Materials: Songs "Old Macdonald" and "Oh Cow, Oh Cow What do you Give", farm poster, game cards for the animal matching game.


1. Bring children to the Keiva(gathering place in the room) and remind them of the field trip we are taking in a few days to the farm. Begin asking questions about the farm. What kinds of animals might we see? What do you think cows give us? What do you think chickens give us? Keep asking questions to see what the children's background knowledge is.

2. After children have given all the information they can give, sing "Old Macdonald" and have the children give suggestions of the animals to put in the song.

3. Sing the song "Oh Cow, Oh Cow What do you Give". This will help the children become familiar with and review the type of things we get from farm animals.

4. After singing the songs show the class the game cards and explain to them that every card with an animal on it has to match a card with the food or material this animal gives us. Tell them that when I say "Go" they will walk to their color of center and start cutting out their cards, then find a partner to play the game with.

5. The game is played with the same rules as memory. Have the students lay the cards face down and take turns turning them over 2 at a time trying to find a match, such as the milk and the cow.


Evaluation: Watch the students play the game and also listen to there responses when giving the introduction.

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"Oh Cow, Oh Cow"


Oh cow, oh cow what do you give?

I give you milk that's what I give.

Oh chicken, oh chicken what do you give?

I give you eggs that what I give.

Oh pig, oh pig what do you give?

I give you bacon that's what I give.

Oh horse, oh horse what do you give?

I give you rides that's what I give.

Oh dog, oh dog what do you give?

I give you love that's that what I give.