Mexico Geography Lesson Plan


Mexico Geography

Grade 5

Social Studies/Geography

 Written by John Love


 Objectives: Students will be able to identify landforms, clothing, climate, transportation, vegetation, housing, and language through observation of pictures and group discussion.





1. We have discussed certain aspects of different countries such as climate, transportation, landforms, etc. Let's review what each of these things mean. (Review each of the terms on the observation sheet, by having students look out the window or door at the surrounding area.) We will be making a list of observations based on these topics.

2. Break students into groups (you will want 3 or 4 students in each group).

3. Pass out one Observation Sheet per group.

4. Give each group a pack of pictures.

5. Students will make a list of their observations in each topic based on the pictures they have. (Some pictures do not represent all topics.)

6. After 2-3 minutes, the students will rotate ico.



These will vary according to your class. Students should be able to work together in their groups.



Have each group turn in their list of observations and check to make sure the lists are applicable to the pictures you gave them. Also, while moving among the groups, be sure all students are participating.

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Here are some pictures of Mexico to download, print, and use, or students can take turns looking on this website at the pictures. If you have pictures of another country that you wish to use, the lesson is applicable to whatever country you choose.

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