Social Studies Lesson Plan




Title: Roxaboxen




By Corrine Keller







Students will be able to create a model of a community building that contributes to a class neighborhood layout.

Students will be able to explain the purpose of his/her individual role and community building, and how it fits into the class model of a neighborhood.




  1. I have found it useful to break this lesson into parts, to help keep students focused on the activity. This lesson is a good follow up to another lesson where you might have guest speakers come and talk to the students about their neighborhoods when they were growing up. Introduce the lesson before a break (recess, or lunch) and spend that time for your mini-lesson. Start with a simple discussion:
  1. We have been hearing about different neighborhoods from guest parents.
  1. The rest of the lesson will take place after a break:
  1. Instruct the students they are going to take the ideas they chose and are going to build their own Roxaboxen town.
  1. As students are working on their part of the town, they may have questions about why they are important or more specifically their roles are.


If there are students in your class who might not be in class because of resource, ask their cooperating teachers if it would be possible to let those students participate.

Students who are not cooperating, give them the option of sitting out of the activity (removing them) or being a part of the class.



When students are finished doing their work, set up the classroom like a 'Museum'. Have each student put their creation on display, and explain to the rest of the class the following points.

It would also be good for students to see their work either somewhere else in the school or in the Media Center. If you are able to display students work, take a trip to go and see their work up in the school.

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