Introduction to Community Helpers
Social Studies Lesson Plan
1st Grade
Jodi Dayton



1. Students will be able to identity at least one community helper.

2. Students will also identify what the community helper does to help their community.


Materials needed:

Paper bag with 3*5 cards of various community helpers: post office workers, police officers, and firefighters (8 in all)

White piece of paper and crayons for each student

Poster with pictures of community helpers



1. To start the lesson, ask students if they know what a community helper is. This will give you an idea of how much the students already know. Today we are going to start a new unit on community helpers. We will learn about three different ones today and also learn in what ways they help our community of Logan.

2. I have a few questions that I want you to answer in your mind.

-Who delivers your mail?
-What happens to a letter after you mail it?
-What goes on at the police station?
-What color are police car lights?
-What do firefighters wear?

Mini Lecture:

We have many different types of community helpers. Some help keep us safe. Some keep us healthy. Some help us communicate. They also can help us when we buy things.

-Who can help keep us safe?
-Who helps us keep our bodies healthy?
-Who helps us communicate?
-Finally, who helps us when we need to buy things?

I want to tell you about three different community helpers. Show the students the poster of the community helpers. Point to each as you explain.


Post Office Workers:

Police Officers:

3. Tell students that they are going to role-play some of these jobs that our community helpers do. Pick one out of the bag and model to the students how the game is played. Have one student pick a card out of the paper bag. Then, this student will role-play without using any words, what is on his or her card. The rest of the students will try to guess which community helper he or she is trying to be. Have the students raise their hands when they know the answer. Repeat the activity until all the cards from the paper bag are gone.

4. Ask the students what they have learned about today and how that information is useful to them in their lives.

5. On a sheet of paper have students draw one of the three community helpers that they learned about today. Walk around the room and ask each student what specific things does this person do to help the community.



Review community helper drawings. Make sure that all three helpers are discussed and also what that person does to help in the community. Assess oral comments.

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