Mail Truck!

Name: Marlaina Barney


Data sheet for each group, pencil for each group, A visit from a local postal carrier and a mail truck, 17 rulers, clipboards for each group


1) I will begin this lesson by reviewing with the children the different things we have learned about Postal workers. I will show t they use?"

2) Facilitate a brief discussion that focuses on how a mail truck helps the Postal worker. Tell the children that they will have the opportunity to see a mail truck today. Tell the children that you have "borrowed" a mail truck and you think you can park it inside the classroom so everyone can see it. Ask the children if they think that will be all right. Then ask them if they think it will fit inside the doorway or in the school. Begin a discussion that allows the children to start thinking about the dimensions of the mail truck.

Possible Dialogue:

"How could we find out how big a mail truck is?"

"Could we as a class gather this data?"

"If we had a mail truck, how would you discover how big, long or wide it was?"

3) When the children have brought up the concept of measuring with rulers tell them that you are curious in finding the length of the following items; postal worker, mail truck, and a tire on the mail truck. (The children have been learning about measuring so they will be excited to use their newly gained skill). Explain to them that you are going to need their help to do this.

4) Divide the children into 5-6 groups. The group names will be 1) mail truck (side) 2) Mail truck (front) 3) Mail carrier 4) Mailbag 5) Mail truck tire. The names of the groups correspond with the object that the children will be measuring. Each group will need to have rulers to measure their assigned item with. Also each group will receive one clipboard with a data sheet and a pencil. They will be responsible for writing down the data found by the measurements taken by the group. Explain to them how they are going to exit the school to the prearranged meeting area where the Postal worker and mail truck will be. Review the appropriate behaviors that are expected when a visitor comes. (You may want to hand out the materials when the class is outside and are securely in their measuring groups.

5) After the postal worker has explained the general characteristics of their job, have one group at a time begin to gather their data. (This has been previously arranged with the postal worker so she/he can also assist the students.) After the students have gathered their data, return to the classroom.

6) Have the children share what they learned about the mail truck. As the children are doing this write their answers on the board. Discuss the items that where measured by each group and how they measured each item. Ask why these items are important to the process of mailing letters.

Possible Dialogue:

"Tell me three ways the Mail Truck helps you get your mail."

"What is something you learned about the mail truck or the postal worker."

7) Make thank-you cards for the postal worker who can to visit the class.


1) As the students engage in the closing discussion, the teacher will listen to see if their responses about the mail truck are valid.

2) The teacher will observe the students as they measure to see if they understand how to use a ruler. They will also look at the written answers and check for understanding.


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