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This section of TeacherLINK contains materials for teachers. Utah State University's College of Education students or YETC staff prepared them to be freely distributed to educators. We also gathered public domain materials that would be of interest to educators. Feel free to browse through this collection. Download items that would be useful to you as you teach.

Note from Nathan Smith, YETC Director and TeacherLINK Webmaster...

As a former elementary teacher, and now working with our pre-service educators at Utah State University, I’ve developed a passion for sharing resources with educators that will assist them to be learning facilitators for their students, and helping them deliver high-quality educational materials and experiences in the classroom and at home. I post regularly to the following blogs and websites...

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Check the blogs to keep up with new resources being posted each day. This page also has many wonderful resources. Technology moves so quickly that in many ways, we are trying to prepare our students to live and function in a world that hasn’t even been invented yet - and in which they will be the creators and designers. I think in many ways, it will be an exciting world.

It is my sincere desire that the resources I’ve shared with you on this page will inspire you to look further and develop innovative ways of using resources you find. (Please watch the Connected Learning videos - they will make you think!) My contact info is here.

Sincerely, Nathan Smith