Welcome to "Unlocking Mysteries of Our Solar System"
NASA's Discovery Program

NASA's Discovery Program is making scientists' dreams come true. 
Superior science, new technologies, wide-ranging expertise,
and careful planning, combine to create awe-inspiring and successful missions.

Dear Students, 

Welcome to NASA's Discovery Program of TEN cool missions to explore the solar system. We hope that learning about the missions will arouse your curiosity as you take on the roles of scientists and engineers. Think about the mysteries of the solar system you would like to explore and consider the possibilities! 

You will learn that space exploration requires many people with different skills, talents, and abilities to work together to achieve the mission's goals. Each of you can have a future in space by making your own unique contribution. 

Have fun as you unlock the mysteries of the solar system. 


Shari Asplund 
Discovery Program Outreach Manager

Video Launch video: Unlocking Mysteries of Our Solar System
Discovery Mission Learning Activities*

Design a Future Discovery Mission Student Activity

Teacher Guide
Announcement of Opportunity
Viewing Guide
Graphic Organizer
Mission Expert Research
Mission Timeline
Presenting the Research and Experiment Results
Internet Resources

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