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A Teacher's Guide With Activities in Science, Mathematics, and Technology

This educator guide contains excellent background information accompanied by classroom activities that enable students to experiment with the forces and processes microgravity scientists are investigating today.

Download the units (all files are PDF):

Download the entire Microgravity (174 pages - 6 MB) or download the sections you want below...

Cover, Title Page, Table of Contents, etc. (628 K)

Introduction to Microgravity (220 K)

Microgravity Science Primer (1.2 MB)

Microgravity Science Space Flights (1 MB)

Future Directions (68 K)

Glossary (40 K)

Activities Table of Contents and Matrix (40 K)


NASA Resources for Educators (404 K)

The Mathematics of Microgravity

This publication identifies the underlying mathematics and physics principles that apply to microgravity.

Download The Mathematics of Microgravity (18 pages - 1 MB)

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