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Living With A Star
Educator Resources for Understanding Connections Between the Sun and Earth

This NASA educator guide is designed to provide educators with a quick reference to materials and resources that are useful for understanding the connections between the Sun and Earth.

Download the units (all files are PDF):

Download the entire Living With A Star (24 pages - 1.6 MB) or download the sections you want below...

Common Questions and Answers - A listing of sites that answer some of the most common Sun-Earth Connection questions (360K)

Sun-Earth Connection Missions - Website listings for spacecraft and instruments currently studying the Sun-Earth Connection. (76K)

Website Resources - Educational solar sites listed by grade level. (156K)

NASA CORE Materials - Websites offering NASA posters, CDs and other educational materials. (156K)

Activities: Observing the Sun for Yourself - Hands-on activities for use in the classroom. (736K)

  • Projecting the Sun
  • Using Remote Solar Telescopes
  • Using Your Own Telescope
  • Observing Solar Eclipses
  • Sunspot Drawings

NASA Educator Workshop Resources - An annotated listing of sites that provide educator training and educator materials. (60K)

Glossary - Sun-Earth Connection terms and their definitions. (152K)

Additional NASA Resources - Links to NASA education and public dissemination sites. (326K)

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