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Is There Water On Mars?
An Educator's Guide with Activities for Physical and Earth and Space Science

Investigations in this NASA Educator Guide explore the question of whether there is water on Mars.

Download the units (all files are PDF):

Download the entire Is There Water On Mars? (109 pages - 4.1 MB) or download the sections you want below...

Introductory Materials: Cover, Title Pages, Acknowledgments, Table of Contents, Module Overview (380 K)

Pedagogical Overview (16K)

How Do I Get Started? (48K)

How is this Module Organized? (124K)

Which Science Standards are Supported in This Module? (24K)

Activity 1: How Hot Can You Make Water? (84K)

Activity 2: How Fast Does Water Warm as Ice Melts? (116K)

Activity 3: How Can We Increase the Height of the Plateau? (100K)

Activity 4: Do Fish Believe in Water? Do Students Believe in Air? (176K)

Activity 5: Testing Your Hypothesis by Boiling Water Below Its Boiling Temperature (148K)

Activity 6: Is There Water On Mars? (164K)

Activity 7: Where Would You Search For Water On Mars? (156K

Appendices (2.7 MB)

  • Why is water a priority for Mars exploration?
  • What is so special about water?
  • What is distinctive about the module series?
  • The scientific research techniques used in the modules
  • Glossary
  • Resources for educators interested in Mars
  • Background information on the images in the image set
  • Image Set A: 15 high contrast images
  • Image Set B: The same 15 images processed so that, on a photocopier, they reproduce better than the high contrast versions.

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