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Hubble Space Telescope Deep Field Lesson Package
Amazing Space: Education On-Line from the Hubble Space Telescope

Do you want to take your class on a field trip to the edge of the observable universe? If so, join Professor Wifpic and the cadets of the Hubble Academy as they count, classify and analyze objects from the Hubble Deep Field, almost 12 billion light-years away.

In this lesson, students will examine the Hubble Deep Field image and simulate the process astronomers use to count, classify and identify the objects in the image. These objects include spiral, elliptical and irregular galaxies, as well as a few individual stars.

Download the pieces:

Download the lesson guide (4.5 MB - PDF)

Download the Hubble Academy link above as a PDF file - 956 KB

Lithograph Cover (pdf - 1 MB)

Lithograph-Objects 1-15 (pdf - 1 MB)

Lithograph-Objects 16-30 (pdf - 1 MB)

Lithograph-Objects 31-45 (pdf - 1 MB)

Aiming the Hubbles Space Telescope (Quicktime Movie - 1.9 MB)

Hubble Deep Field Zoom Movie (Quicktime Movie - 1.8 MB)

3D View of Deep Field Galaxies (Quicktime Movie - 1 MB)


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