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How High Is It?
A Educator's Guide with Activities Focused on Scale Models of Distances

Activities in this NASA educator guide can be used to help students better visualize where satellites, spacecraft, aircraft and other NASA vehicles orbit or operate with respect to the layers of the atmosphere.

Download the units (all files are PDF):

Download the How High Is It? GameCards (8 color pages - 2.3 MB)

Download the entire How High Is It? (100 pages - 3 MB) or download the sections you want below...

Introductory Materials (pdf - 520K)

  • Acknowledgments
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • How to Use This Guide
  • National Education Standards
  • Master Materials List

Introductory Activities (pdf - 172K)

  • KWL Chart
  • Ball and String Earth-Moon Model Activity
  • Earth-Moon Model Worksheet
  • Teacher Facts: The Mathematics Behind the Ball and String Model

Core Activities (pdf - 1.4 MB)

  • How High Is It? Activity
  • How High Is It? Worksheet
  • Altitude Chart
  • Atmospheric Layers Tables
  • NASA Vehicles Template
  • NASA Vehicle Altitudes Tables
  • Layers of the Atmosphere Activity
  • Layers of the Atmosphere Worksheet
  • Teacher Facts: Layers of the Atmosphere
  • Altitude Walk Activity
  • Altitude Walk Worksheet, Part 1
  • Altitude Walk Worksheet, Part 2
  • Teacher Facts: Up in the Atmosphere

Activity/Assessment (pdf - 1.1 MB)

  • Satellite Swap Game
  • Satellite Swap Handout
  • Teacher Facts: NASA Enterprises
  • Worksheet 1: Math Challenge Problems
  • Worksheet 2: Continental U.S. Map Model
  • Map of the Continental United States
  • Map of the Continental United States Answer Key
  • Worksheet 3: Models, Scales, and Distance

Supplimentary Information (pdf - 156K)

  • How High Is It Web Sites
  • NASA Resources for Educators


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